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OsoCozy Unbleached Cotton Prefold Cloth Diapers - 6 Pack -Traditional Sizing

OsoCozy Unbleached Cotton Prefold Cloth Diapers - 6 Pack -Traditional Sizing

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Our bestselling pre-fold cloth diapers in six packs. Back side of the packaging comes with dual language use and washing instructions (English and Spanish). Comes in two sizes and two material types. Size 1 is the Infant 4x8x4 that fits 7-15 lbs. Size 2 is the Premium 4x8x4 that fits 15-30 lbs. The first material is the bleached white 100% cotton gauze weave. The second is the unbleached natural ivory color and a 100% cotton gauze weave. The unbleached must be washed prior to use 2-4 times for absorbency while the bleached requires just one prewash. The unbleached has been the better seller due to its attractive natural color in contrast to many other products. Prefold diapers require a diaper cover for waterproofing and we recommend our OsoCozy One Size Diaper Covers to go with these prefold cloth diapers.

Traditional style cloth pre-folds in unbleached cotton. One of our best sellers. Must prewash 2-4 times for maximum absorbency. 

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