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How to Use Dryer Balls

If you're looking for a more environmentally friendly way to dry your clothes, dryer balls are a great option. They're reusable, gentle on clothes, can help reduce static and wrinkles, and may even save some drying time.

Here's how to use dryer balls so you can get the most out of them:

Just toss the dryer balls in the dryer with your wet clothes. Be sure to not overstuff your dryer so they'll have room to just bounce around and help dry your clothes. You can use as many or as few dryer balls as you want, depending on the size of your load of laundry. Generally 3 or 4 balls for an average load. For larger loads, you may want to use 5 or 6.

Dryer balls can help your clothes dry faster by creating more space between them in the dryer. They also help to reduce static and wrinkles. If you have a particular problem with static or wrinkles, you can try using dryer balls that are infused with essential oils. Just add a few drops of your chosen oil to each dryer ball before you put them in the dryer or spray each dryer ball with water.

After many dry cycles, you may notice your dryer balls are less effective. You can wash and dry them to rejuvenate them.

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly and efficient way to dry your clothes, wool dryer balls are a great option. Dryer balls are zero waste and affordable. With just a few simple steps, you can start using them to save time and money.

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