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Heirloom Vegetable Seed Bucket - 39 Varieties - 4,500 Seeds

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This bucket contains 39 different varieties of hand-selected non-hybrid, non-gmo, open-pollinated vegetable seeds. With up to a 10 year shelf life, these seeds will be the ultimate tool in your preparedness kit. All 39 varieties of seed have been hand-selected and packaged in its own mylar foil bag, and each kit contains more than 4,500 Heirloom Seeds.

Included in this bucket.
Asparagus Mary Washington.   078oz -112
Beet Detroit Dark Red.                    06oz -125Asparagus Mary Washington.   078oz -112
Beet Detroit Dark Red.                    06oz -125

Vegetable -- Variety

Weight -- Seed Count


Asparagus --Mary Washington.   
Beet --Detroit Dark Red.                    
Rutabaga -- American Purple Top

Broccoli --Green Sprouting Calabrese 
Brussel Sprouts--- Long Island Improved 
Bush Bean --Golden Wax 
Bush Bean --Blue Lake 
Cabbage --Early Jersey Wakefield 
Cantaloupe --Jumbo Hales Best 
Carrot --Chantenay Red Cored 
Cauliflower --Snowball Y Improved 
Celery --Tall Utah 52-72 Improved
Collards --Champion 
Cucumber-- Poinsett 76 (slicing) 
Cucumber --National Pickling 
Eggplant --Black Beauty 
Kale --Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch 
Leek --American Flag 
Lettuce --Buttercrunch 
Lima Bean-- King Of The Garden 
Mustard Greens-- Tendergreen 
Onion --White Bunching 
Okra --Clemson Spineless 
Onion --Sweet Spanish Yellow 
Pea --Sugar Ann 
Pepper --California Wonder 
Pepper --Early Jalapeno 
Pumpkin --Jack O'Lantern 
Radish --Early Scarlet Globe .
Spinach-- Nobel Giant 
Squash --Golden Summer Crookneck
Squash --Butternut Waltham 
Squash --Black Beauty 
Sweet corn --Golden Bantam 
Tomato --Beefsteak 
Tomato --Roma 
Tomato --Red Cherry Large 
Turnip --Purple Top White Globe
Watermelon --Sugar Baby 078oz -112


078oz --112
06oz --125
02oz ---122
02oz  --  107
.013oz --117
742oz -- 90
274 .902oz --85
.02oz --100
.10oz --96
.020oz --250
.2oz --125
 .07oz --200
 .016oz --110
 .058oz --65
.162oz --152
.026oz --110
.02oz --158
.24oz --170
.02oz --280
 3.07oz --103
 .02oz --215
 .028oz --165
 .248oz --129
 .012oz --140
 .818oz --99
 04oz --104
 .038oz --115
 .440oz --78
.032oz --139
.064oz --130
 .22oz --93
.486oz --142
.5oz --112
.866oz --97
 .01oz --87
.01oz --108
 .02oz --115
 .15oz --180
.204oz --125        

Tomato Red Cherry Large .02oz 115
Turnip Purple Top White Globe .15oz 180
Watermelon Sugar Baby .204oz 125